Listen to music most people will never know about

As I don't know what to write about and my time is limited I will give you one of my favourites on the web. I have to admit that I didn't find it myself but found the link somewhere else. But I really love that blog. If you like music in general and are interested in Pop, Nujazz, Funk, Soul and whatever, that's the place to be. Aurgasm gives you all that. The blog is run mainly by Paul from Boston, USA and Julija from Vilnius, Lithuania but they have other contributors, too. Their goal is quite ambitious as they say that
"Aurgasm brings to you an eclectic menagerie of aural pleasures. I scout out music you've never heard and deliver only the finest. Expect music curiously different, yet simply enjoyable."
But I have to admit that so far I haven't been disappointed and it's really eclectic. So if you like discovering new music that is not mainstream, go for Aurgasm.

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