In English please

After the overwhelming success of this blog in Germany (several newspapers reported) it is time to go international. Therefore you will find some blog entries in English now and then on this side, before we start our international blog.

As you all might have noticed there is something quite important going on in Bali. And I am not talking about this here. No, of course it’s the United Nations Climate Change Coference I am talking about. It brings together representatives of 180 nations and from a lot intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organisations. Everyone is trying to get his fair share in saving the world. So what about us? Should it be the technocrats and elites again, who make the most important decisions for our future like every year in Davos? I think we all have been polluting keenly enough to participate.

According to the Frauenhofer ISI we could quite easily. 18 billion kilowatt are consumed by electronic appliances in Germany in standby mode. That’s the amount of 2 nuclear plants. Or if we modify the calculation a bid: That’s the output of 2 big coal-fired power plants. This means we could save around 24 millions tons of CO2 just by switching of all electronic devices when not using them. Who cares? If you are still not convinced to do so consider this: According to the University of Glasgow every household could safe 38 pounds on average when turning off standby lights. No imagine, what you could get for this.

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