Philip the Baptist

There are a lot of stereotypes in the world. And believe it or not, but some of them are true. Well, most definitely not the one that Germans are not funny at all. I was very surprised when meeting people from the US. It seems like they don't know what sarcasm is. By the way, neither do most Asians. I mean I have been warned before but I didn't believe it. So after hanging out with them for quite a bit - the Americans and the Asians - someone made the comment, that I am not making jokes at all. I really tried, but after a few embarrassing attempt with no one laughing I decided to stop.

You can imagine how surprised I was when I found Philip DeFranco's website. The guy is American. But - believe it or not - he is sarcastic and sometimes funny. And even more surprising, according to himself he's got 100 000 views per show. Well, what can I say? As most political commentators have been saying during the last weeks, people in the US want a change. Maybe it's a more than an election and he's kind of John the Baptist. Maybe there's still a chance for America.

Check PhillyD.tv or youtube for his videos.

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