More than endorsement

Chuck Norris is not only an oustanding hero in the US, but everywhere else in the world. His words are taken more seriously than any law or the bible. So it's no wonder that even here in old Europe a man who almost no one knew is becoming a big popstar soon.
After winning the republican caucuses in the wonderful state of Iowa, Mike Huckabee has been broadcasted to a number countries all over the word. Most importantly: The person behind him who had the biggest smile on his face was Chuck Norris! So Huckabee may be the most conservative of all candidates but at least he's got the best campaign.

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Tim° hat gesagt…

"a man who almost no one knew is becoming a big popstar soon"...

Dude, Norris is the Uebermensch of the Web. He's greater than you know who. Nt mentioning the huckabee campaing is an old hat:

You better beware the Norris, caus

Chuck aint blend: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NdD54rG9oQA

And Chuck is not part of your blog, your blog is part of Chuck Norris: